Coze Health® Care

Coze Health Medical LLC provides complete care for the family from preventive and wellness to chronic disease management. Together we review your concerns and goals, look at previous medical records, and develop and implement a Coze Health® health care plan. Appointments are offered concierge-style Monday through Saturday (extra charge may apply for Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings). Appointments are available for in-person at the West Lafayette, Indiana location or through telemedicine (audio and video visit). We do not offer walk-in appointments. We are currently licensed in Indiana, Michigan, Virginia, Tennessee, Colorado and California. 


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Chronic Disease

Chronic care patients should expect several visits to establish current health conditions and create carefully moderated treatment plans. The average chronic care patient seeking lifestyle medicine care will have an initial 60 minute appointment with monthly follow-up appointments.

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Genetic Counseling

Our providers have partnered with leading experts to provide precision-based lifestyle medicine care. Using marketplace genetic tests, you can elect to receive counsel and tailored prescriptions for your health needs. (Services provided by Dr. O'Donnell)

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Preventive care patients with insurance can schedule one covered wellness visit per year.   Patients should be aware that preventive care visits have specific guidelines. If you have additional health issues that you would like to discuss, we will gladly schedule you for a regular appointment.

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Lifestyle Health

We offer lifestyle health treatment plans that utilize a health coach, dietitian, and/or combination of therapies including labs, non-traditional modalities, and diagnostics for digestive issues, brain fog, auto-immune disorders or hormonal imbalance and other symptoms. These services may not be covered by insurance and have separate fees.

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Those patients seeking assistance with monitoring blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight have options outside of their regularly scheduled appointments. Our health coach and group wellness classes offers support to maintain your healthy eating and exercise goals throughout the year.

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We offer chronic care management for patients with chronic conditions providing 24/7 access to the health care team through virtual messaging. We offer optional remote patient monitoring for patients who require prescriptions for daily monitoring regimes of blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, and other physiological measurements.