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  • What types of health insurance do you accept?
    We accept private, company-sponsored, or marketplace health insurance plans offered by Anthem / Blue Cross Blue Shield, Caresource, Cigna, and United Healthcare. We also accept Medicare B, Aetna Medicare Advantage, Anthem Medicare Advantage MediBlue, and United Healthcare Medicare Advantage (both HMO and PPO). We participate in indemnity and fair market plans, and some health share programs. If your plan is not listed, you may be eligible for out-of-network coverage.
  • Do you accept Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) as payment for services?
    Yes, we are a registered health clinic and can take HSA, HRA or FSA credit cards for healthcare services payment.
  • Which services are covered by health insurance?
    Coverage is dependent upon your plan type. ACA-compliant: services typically covered without a copay or not being applied to your deductible includes annual preventive visit, lifestyle counsel appointments, and screening labs; evaluation and management services covered at a contract price and may be subject to copay, annual deductible, or coinsurance. Non ACA-compliant: evaluation and management services covered at a contract price and may be subject to pre-existing medical conditions; caps on annual service; copay; annual deductible, or coinsurance. Extra benefits must be purchased for preventive visits and behavioral health. Medicare B: evaluation and management services are covered that qualify as medically necessary; one annual preventive visit per year with accompanying annual screenings (depression, alcohol dependence, tobacco, and cardiovascular risks); certain Specialty labs are covered; chronic care management and remote patient monitoring; all services are covered at 80%. Remaining 20% covered by participating supplemental plans that are registered with Medicare Part B as a crossover. Medicare Advantage: evaluation and management services are covered that qualify as medically necessary; one annual preventive visit per year with accompanying annual screenings (depression, alcohol dependence, tobacco, and cardiovascular risks); chronic care management and remote patient monitoring; all services are covered at the allowed amount and subject to copay
  • Can I receive medical care if I do not have health insurance?
    Yes. We accept direct pay patients. We will provide an estimate of the cost for your visit (range from minimum to maximum) based on the information provided by your requested appointment. If the nature of your appointment changes (ie., from preventive to evaluation and management), then the charges will be different from your estimate. All evaluation and management service costs are time-based.
  • What type of chronic care disease do you treat?
    Lifestyle medicine is a complementary treatment plan for chronic care disease and is backed by evidence in prevention and often improvement of chronic disease symptoms. ​ Alzheimer's Disease, Arthritis, Asthma, Blood disorders, Cancer (nutritional support), COPD, Diabetes, Fatigue, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Hormone disorders, Metabolic disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Pre-diabetes, Obesity, Pulmonary, and Thyroid disorders.
  • What type of preventive care services do you provide?
    Diagnostic labs and imaging support the family medicine practice aim of providing health for pediatrics, adults, and geriatric patients. ​ We specialize in preventive and wellness exams for all ages. Specialized diagnostic testing may not be available. Please check with the clinic prior to scheduling your appointment if you have a question. ​ Please wear comfortable, loose clothing for your appointment.
  • What is an Evaluation and Management (problem-based) service?
    It is a service where a patient asks questions about a health issue or requests change in medication during a visit. All evaluation and management services are time-based.
  • Do you perform any diagnostic labs in the office?
    Yes. We can run strep tests, urinalysis, pregnancy tests, and other basic tests.
  • What is a preventive service?
    What is an annual preventive service? It is a 25 minute routine physical examination (that may or may not include PAP, breast or prostate exam) where the MD reviews medical history, medications, and monitors you for height, weight, and BMI. Lab orders will be placed for annual screenings. If you have a lab that is outside normal parameters, you will be requested to schedule a follow-up Evaluation and Management appointment with your physician.
  • What is telemedicine?
    Telemedicine is a method of receiving healthcare using two-way HIPAA-compliant video. This service is available for urgent care and patients who display COVID symptoms.
  • Is a telemedicine visit covered by insurance?
    Telemedicine is covered at a reduced rate in the state of Indiana due to recent changes in the legislation. Therefore, we do not offer telemedicine visits for regular services. Telemedicine visits are not offered for preventive care or lifestyle counsel with a health coach unless the patient is direct pay, has COVID symptoms, or is too sick to travel. Telemedicine visits are at the discretion of the provider.
  • Can I receive screening, diagnostic labs or imaging services?
    Screening and diagnostic labs are offered by appointment in-house and have a convenience fee. Patients can elect to receive their lab services at any location (although, we preferred vendors include Quest or LabCorp, as results are transmitted to the patient health record directly). We can provide orders for imaging services. Directly across the street, imaging services are available through IU Health Urgent Care, Franciscan Express, or for faster appointments and direct pay options at affordable rates, we recommend Rayus Radiology.
  • Are labs covered by insurance?
    Many annual screening labs are covered by insurance if you have an affordable care act compliant plan. Please check your plan to find out your limitations. Many diagnostic labs are covered by insurance but are subject to copay, deductibles, or coinsurance. A screening lab is a lab that is considered preventive in nature to check on blood chemistry levels annually. A diagnostic lab is a lab that is ordered when a patient has a symptom. Medicare does not cover screening labs.
  • How do I get results from my recent lab?
    The vendor that serviced your lab order is responsible to share the lab results with patients directly. The lab results are not shared with the provider unless we request it via fax or patient portal. Patients can set up accounts with the lab vendor to see their lab results. Certain lab results are transmitted directly to our electronic health record system, and available to patients through the patient portal as an attached PDF.
  • Why do I need access to the patient portal?
    We use a HIPAA-compliant tool called Elation Passport. You may access your patient portal at the time of your patient intake, or at any appointment. You will need access to an email address and mobile phone number to set up your patient portal. We have concierge staff that can assist if you have problems setting up your patient portal. After each appointment, you will receive a copy of your visit note sent to your patient portal. You will also receive PDFs of handouts, vaccine information sheets, and results from imaging and labs. The patient portal is a chronological record of your services. PDFs and visit notes are organized by visit date. Upcoming appointments will be available on the patient portal. You can request appointments, send messages to the staff, your provider, and send photos or videos of symptoms that you want evaluated (billable service).
  • How can I complete my intake forms using my computer?
    All forms are sent to the email on file. You can complete these forms on a mobile device or computer. If you have multiple forms, there will be a separate page for each form. Select next to continue to the next form. Once you are finished entering the information for each requested form, select the submit button (which will appear on the last form). Forms are submitted directly to your patient record. We provide a consent form electronically. However, you will need to sign this form in person at your first visit of each year, or your new patient intake.
  • How can I schedule an appointment?
    You can call 765-204-1122 to schedule an appointment. If you have access to the patient portal, a limited number of appointments are available through the patient portal for certain providers.
  • How can I manage my visit payments?
    We use an online service for invoices called wave. The invoice will be sent to the email address that you register with at the time of your first appointment. We will store your HSA, HRA, FSA, or other credit card using a third party vendor. Your card information is stored through this secure vendor (partnered with all major financial banks in the United States) so that our staff will never have access to your card information. Direct pay payments will be collected at the time of service. If the visit note is not complete at the time you leave, we will charge the estimate to your card at the time of service. If there is an amount due, we will provide an invoice with the amount due and charge any remaining fees after your visit. Copays will be collected at the time of your appointment or if insurance notifies us that a copay was to have been collected, or is different than the amount charged, will be charged to your card on file. Coinsurance and deductible payments are collected after your insurance claim is processed. We send out invoices with outstanding amounts due after the insurance claim is processed. This is mailed to your email on file. We do not email invoices that have been paid in full by your insurance. We do not send out statements automatically. You can request a statement of activity at any time. The statement of activity will include those claims processed by insurance and could include outstanding fees, depending on the nature of your request.
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