Access to the Patient Portal (if you have never accessed your patient portal): There are two parts to gain patient portal access: 1) create an account, and 2) connect your health record.

PART 1. Create an account.

1. Click the patient portal button on a computer using Chrome or Firefox browser

2. In the browser, select "Sign Up" is highlighted (notice the line underneath the tab). Complete the form.

Then, click the orange button "Sign Up." Verify you receive a success message, "Thank you for signing up." NOTE: If you do not receive that message, you will need to 1) check that you are using a compatible browser, 2) did you meet the requirements for your password, or 3) do you already have an account?

3. Go to your email account (that manages the email you entered into sign-up), and open the verify emailThe verify your email address comes from If you do not receive this email, check your spam or junk folder.  Click the "Confirm my account" button.  You will receive a success message. Note: if you do not receive the success message, 1) check that you are using a compatible browser.

PART 2. Connect your health record.

1. We sent you an email inviting you to connect your health record. This email address is Click on the Access your records button.

2. Log in to your patient fusion account using your username and password you created in the account set up.

3. Select your preferences for your account. We need your permission to send SMS text messages. Select either option.

4. To connect your health record, click on the blue VERIFY button to finalize access to your account. To confirm your identity, you will provide your birth date, and either enter a PIN (from us) or use a security code you receive through your cell phone.



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