Access to the Patient Portal: STEPS to access your patient portal.



1 Open Patient Fusion email and select Access your records.

2. Sign Up for a new account with Patient Fusion using a preferred username and password. Use your First / Last Name and Email address registered with the practice. Confirm your account.

3. From original email, select Access your records.

4. Type in your username and password.

5. Connect your Patient Fusion account to the practice by selecting Verify your account and entering your date of birth and PIN code.


1. Check your registered email account

Use Chrome browser for best results. Click on the orange button "Access your records". The email is from


4. Confirm Email Address

Confirm your email address registered with Patient Fusion. Open the new  email from and click on the Confirm my account. 

7. Log In

In Patient Fusion, enter your username and password from STEP 2. Accept the terms.  [Note: if you cannot access your account, select "Don't remember your password. Go to Step 4"]


2. Sign Up

In Sign Up tab, enter a username and  password. Record this where you can find it. Enter your registered phone number and then click on sign up. You will receive a Thank you page.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 6.50.35 PM.png

5. Confirmation Received

A new browser window opens alerting that your email has been confirmed. Now, it is time to Log In and connect your health records.

8. Verify

After you accept the terms, look at the two white boxes that explain how Patient Fusion works. To the right is a blue button, "Verify." Click this button to enter your date of birth and PIN code.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 6.50.14 PM.png

3. Confirm Sign Up

In Patient Fusion, you will receive a thank you message for signing up with instructions. Return to your email account. You will be receiving a new e-mail from Patient Fusion.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 6.50.21 PM.png

6. Original Email

Go to your original email from Click the orange button labeled "Access your records." 

9. Enter PIN

Enter the PIN from the office you received at the time you scheduled your first appointment. Now, you have a Patient Fusion account with your health record.



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