Announcing Patient Fusion

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Patient communication and patient access to health records will be available by using Patient Fusion portal effective March 26, 2019.

STEP 1. To register your account, look for an email notification from  If you do not see this in your inbox, please look for it in your spam folder. If you have any questions, call 765-204-1122 or review the help page at

STEP 2: Click the Access your records button to be taken to the account registration page below:  (If you're redirected to an error message stating "Your registration link has expired. Ask your doctor to enroll you again," this means you've already used that email to register your account.Registration emails cannot be used more than once.)

Step 3: Verify your identity: Depending on the identification method you select, you will have to do one of two things: If you have a PIN provided by your provider, verify your identity using your date of birth (in MM/DD/YYYY format) and the PIN provided by your doctor. If you do not have your PIN, then you can verify your identity using a security code. A security code will be sent to your phone.

STEP 4. After verifying your identity you will have the choice to either Link the records to an existing Patient Fusion account or Create a new account. Select CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.

STEP 5: Creating a new account A. Select and answer your security question

B. Your username will be pre-populated (as either your email address or your most recent username) Please keep in mind at this point you have the ability to alter your username. If you receive the error message "Username has already been taken," you must select a new username.

C. Create your password Password should be minimum 8 characters. It should contain one UPPERCASE letter and a number or symbol.

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