Update About Anthem HealthSync Insurance at Purdue University

March 16, 2020

Dear Patient:

As a member of the Purdue medical insurance community, we are aware that you have been assigned a HealthSync primary care provider. We hope that your experience at our office has been exceptional and that you will select us as your primary care provider.

In order to do this on the Anthem website, you will need to change your PCP assignment back to Dr. O’Donnell or Dr. Sarmadi, based on your preference. We have applied to be a member of the Health Sync community but they are not currently accepting small practices such as our own. We will keep you notified on when our practice will qualify for Health Sync membership.

To avoid confusion, we are still a preferred provider under the Anthem network, but not part of the HealthSync network. Any services that are rendered at our facility qualify for your deductible. We are aware there is an increased co-insurance for your visits at our office (20% instead of 10%), but all other costs are identical to HealthSync providers.

Coze Health Medical, LLC is certain that we are providing the highest quality primary care in the Tippecanoe County region and will continue to strive to meet your expectations and availability needs.

Sincerely yours,

Timothy O’Donnell, MD


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