Ear Exam

We service patients who require preventive care. These services include Medicare wellness visits, annual physicals, preventive screenings, immunizations, and some in-house tests.  We believe that patients who use preventive care will enjoy an optimal healthy life. Most preventive services are covered by insurance.


When you schedule your annual physical or Medicare visit, our providers are following guidelines for standard care. Please help them to offer you the best service by scheduling a separate appointment if you have a new or chronic problem that needs to be addressed. 

What to expect in a preventive care service?

- complete annual health screening forms

- update your medical history, symptoms, medications, and allergies

- perform physical exam & screening (wear loose clothing; robes are available; if required, EKG and urine tests)

- receive orders/review of annual lab screenings (ie., cholesterol, lipids, vitamins, etc.)

What types of immunizations do we offer?

- Tetanus boosters fro ages 12 and older

- Meningitis A and B

- Hepatitis A and B

- Shingles

- Pneumonia

- Flu