Health Monitoring Devices

Coze Health Medical LLC team members have reviewed products that support health goals and integrate with lifestyle monitoring, remote patient monitoring services, and reliable data for vitals reporting for telehealth patients. 


Coze Health Medical LLC team members have selected a few gift options that were evaluated for ways in which to support a sustainable, whole-foods based lifestyle.

Introduce your family and friends to great tasting whole foods with great tasting organic fruits.

Avoid throw away plastics by using beeswax wraps. We use them for lunch wraps and leftovers in a glass jar.

We love some ambience in a room with beeswax tea candles. No harmful fragrances.

Daily fresh bread can support a nutrient-rich diet.  This unit has great ratings and can provide a variety of whole grain and sour dough breads.

Take a mental break each day with some hot tea. Watch the carefully wrapped tea balls unravel into aromatic tea flowers.

A marvelous gift to inspire a moment of relaxation with this crafted aromatherapy candle.

Hard soaps are back in fashion and we agree -- time to stop using throw away plastic containers and enjoy some new enriching soaps.

It's hard to break free from butter on bread, but Nutiva offers an enriching choice for a morning delight.

The laundry world is breaking ground on climate sensitive products and this is one of those. Use one laundry sheet per load with clothes that are fresh and clean.

Always be prepared to eat when on the go with your reusable travel utensil set. 

A marvelous gift to introduce sustainable practices for food preservation, reusable grocery bag, and food storage to go options.

Double duty food storage bins that are plastic-free with sealable tops that can be used as a cutting board too.

Sitting at the desk can now become part of your daily stress management, core balance and exercise routine. 

Why not enjoy a holiday penguin smile in your dryer while your clothes dry quicker; infuse with aromas if you like. 

Yoga mats are not created equally and we think you will find this eco-brand to be light for carrying and slip resistant.

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