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Ear Exam

We are pleased to offer a new approach to healthcare using a customized LIFESTYLE PATHWAY. Your pathway will be designated after your intake appointment with your provider. You can choose to use our services as a primary care provider or as a specialist. Current pathways include: traditional, preventive, mood, hormone, nutrition, metabolic, early chronic, and chronic. You can take this quick quiz to see which lifestyle pathway is best for you.


This extended appointment will allow you to discuss in detail your medical history, events in your life that may be contributing to your health, and current stressors. 


This follow-up appointment is with a health coach and will be an opportunity for you to develop some SMART goals for the year to keep your health on track. You can meet with the health coach throughout the year.


We encourage all of our patients to have an annual preventive exam each year. These services include Medicare wellness visits, annual physicals, preventive screenings, immunizations, and some in-house tests.  We believe that patients who use preventive care will enjoy an optimal healthy life. Most preventive services are covered by insurance.


When you schedule your annual physical or Medicare visit, our providers are following guidelines for standard care. Please help them to offer you the best service by scheduling a separate appointment if you have a new or chronic problem that needs to be addressed. 

What to expect in a preventive care service? This is a regimented appointment that follows strict criteria.

- complete annual health screening forms

- update your medical history, symptoms, medications, and allergies

(For under 65: exam options include PAP, breast, or prostrate exam)

(For over 65: exam includes mobility and cognitive tests)

- perform exam & screening (wear loose clothing; robes are available; if required, EKG and urine tests)

- receive orders/review of annual lab screenings (ie., cholesterol, lipids, vitamins, etc.)


We provide services to patients with many types of health problems. These problems may involve medication monitoring or changes, fatigue, mental health, chronic disease, or localized pain or symptom. These services are charged by time. If you talk about one of these issues during your preventive exam, you will be billed for an evaluation and management service too.  We perform some rapid tests and procedures in-house. Urgent care visits are charged at an evaluation and management rate and are limited to lifestyle medicine patients.

The management of these problems will follow a lifestyle pathway schedule. 


We provide preventive lifestyle counsel appointments to decrease your risk of getting a chronic disease. Commercial insurance and indemnity plans may provide full coverage for these services. These services are not eligible for Medicare Part B or Medicare Advantage patients.


We provide chronic management appointments to help patients manage and improve their chronic disease. These services are covered by Medicare Part B or Medicare Advantage patients.


We provide several shared medical appointments throughout the year. Research has found that group settings can develop peer support for patients with similar issues. The group setting will focus on prevention or management of differing chronic diseases. 


Any established patient can schedule for an urgent visit or procedure.  

- Urinalysis

- Rapid Strep Test

- Pregnancy Test

- 12-lead EKG screening and diagnostic

- Earwax removal

- Wart removal

What types of immunizations do we offer?

- Tetanus boosters from ages 12 and older

- Meningitis A and B

- Hepatitis A and B

- Shingles

- Pneumonia

- Flu

- Gardasil

- COVID booster (from October-January)


We offer a variety of specialty labs that support our lifestyle pathways. If you are not a patient, you can still receive a specialty lab. Anyone who receives a specialty lab will need to meet with the ordering provider before and after your specialty lab for intake and counsel. 

- Nutritional Deficiencies (two types)

- Food Antibodies

- Celiac and Gluten Insensitivity

- Female Hormone Imbalance

- Thyroid Hormone Imbalance

- Mental Health Genetic Test

- NEW in 2024! Epigenetics

- NEW in 2024! Cancer Risk

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