Coze Health Medical LLC offers quality medical care for chronic disease, preventive services, metabolic disorders, comprehensive exams utilizing lifestyle medicine therapies, alternative pain therapy, and access to a support team of wellness specialists (health coach and dietitian).  Most patient care services are available via telemedicine (check with your insurance policy for coverage). We continue to provide care for our patients after their appointment through chronic care management, HIPAA-compliant patient portal for questions, remote patient monitoring, lifestyle management portal, and group classes.  We offer insurance eligible services through our Family Medicine Standard Services and subscription-based plans for lifestyle medicine patients.

Family Medicine Standard Services*

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit

Chronic Disease

Alzheimer's, Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Parkinson's, and more

Learn about Chronic Care Management Services

Doctor with Files


Appointments that get to the root cause using blood, urine and other diagnostics

Learn about Complete Diagnostics Services

Ear Exam


Wellness Visits, Preventive Screenings, and Group Classes for Individuals

Learn about Preventive Care Services

Therapy Room

Pain Therapy

Non-traditional methods for pain management therapy including cupping and gua sha.

Learn about Alternative Pain Therapy Services

Doctor adjusting balance on weighing sca


High blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight management, and obesity

Learn about Remote Patient Monitoring Services


Specialize in lifestyle medicine; vegetarian and vegan friendly; nutrition support

Learn about Dietitian, Nutrition, and Health Coach Services

Lifestyle Medicine Subscription Services*

Astonomical Clock

Lifestyle Tracker

This month to month plan is for every lifestyle medicine patient should use this specialized app to help measure your progress on the pillars of lifestyle medicine; access to all group classes; and live feedback from a wellness specialist.

$10 / month [value: $360]


Lifestyle Balance

This annual plan includes Lifestyle Tracker plan benefits and prioritized annual extended visit with a lifestyle medicine physician, custom plan, nutritional labs, and lab draw fee (lifestyle medicine physician-ordered; not preventive or diagnostic). Deposit of $675 required

$75 /month.  [value: $1800]

Super Health Food

Lifestyle Optimal

This annual plan includes Lifestyle Tracker, Lifestyle Balance benefits plus meet once monthly with your lifestyle medicine physician after your initial visit to monitor and manage chronic disease with an aim to improve and reduce symptoms. Includes nutritional labs every six months and lab draw fees (lifestyle medicine physician-ordered; not preventive or diagnostic). Deposit of $675 required.

$175 /month [value: $3880]

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