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Telemedicine is type of appointment that uses both video and audio.  The Medical Assistant (MA) will call before your scheduled appointment. Please report three vitals (preferred blood pressure, weight, temperature). After you check-in with the phone call, enter the virtual waiting room and accept the terms (we use HIPAA-compliant technology for your privacy - either Zoom Health or Doxy Me depending on your provider).  Your provider will then join you at your scheduled appointment time. 

Telehealth is different than a virtual visit. Virtual visits are conducted with a provider using secure HIPAA-compliant technology such as Elation patient passport. These are billable unless you have a chronic care management program.

We will only schedule telehealth appointments for lifestyle medicine patients or for urgent sick visits.


Check-in for Appointment

Call the office at 765-204-1122 ten minutes before your scheduled appointment to check-in for your appointment. Have your insurance card and payment method ready.


Collect Self-Reported Vitals

Before you check-in, please take your blood pressure, weight, and temperature. Report your vitals and any complaints or symptoms to the Medical Assistant.


Enter Waiting Room

Click on the provider link on this page. Type your first name, accept terms, and click enter. If you have not already tested your audio/video, you will be prompted to allow connection. 

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Dr. O'Donnell

Enter virtual waiting room for

Telemedicine by Zoom

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