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Follow the steps for a quick enrollment before your first appointment. The goal of your initial appointment is to get your complete health history, identify ongoing and chronic conditions, and develop a treatment plan. Initial appointments usually last from 45 to 90 minutes. Your first visit may be a problem-based appointment which allows for treatment for an acute or ongoing problem and lasts from 15 to 90 minutes. Problem-based appointments typically include a follow-up appointment.


Your first visit might be a wellness / preventive screening, and in this case, you should plan on a 45 to 60 minute appointment.  Whichever type of appointment, our providers will be utilizing research and treatments from multiple domains to assist you in your health. 

We also utilize a care strategy to help improve chronic disease using Lifestyle Counseling. The lifestyle counseling plan includes a treatment plan (a problem-based appointment) is specially designed for each patient by a physician. The patient will have access to a care team in between appointments to help with maintaining the plan. The typical plan will include a 60-minute appointment with a physician, weekly preventive counsel appointment for the first month, bi-weekly preventive counsel appointments for the next five months, and monthly follow-up appointments with the physician (or as necessary). 

For many patients, health insurance can be confusing. Although we accept many insurance plans, this does not mean your received services will be paid by your insurance company. Please keep in mind, that depending on the type of plan, there may be deductibles and preventive counsel services that are not covered (these amounts are paid directly by the patient to the practice). If you have questions about your insurance plan, you may call to determine expected eligibility and anticipated coverage.

Call To Set-up Initial Appointment

Please be prepared to provide the concierge assistant with your demographics, insurance information, and the reason for your appointment.

Before Your Initial Appointment

Before your first appointment, please take 20-30 minutes to complete your intake paperwork. Click the "Access Forms" button and complete the health history, communication, and acknowledgements forms. Per HIPAA rules, we cannot accept these forms via email. You may bring a printed copy with you, or you can fax them to 765-205-8322.


Clinic: 156 Sagamore Parkway W. Ste A in West Lafayette, Indiana



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