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In the early twentieth century, diseases like tuberculosis and pneumonia were the most frequent cause of death in the United States. Today heart disease and cancer top that list. While the burden of disease has definitely shifted, the way we deliver healthcare has not… until now! Patients suffering from early-stage chronic diseases generally only see their physicians once a year for an annual exam. Remote patient monitoring allows those physicians to expand the continuum of care to cover the 364 days—data collected from wearables, medical devices and apps allow providers to see a more complete picture of their patient’s lifestyle health, allowing them to personalize their care and guidance in preventing and reversing chronic diseases. As the American Heart Association wrote in their guidance on Using Remote Patient Monitoring Technologies for Better Cardiovascular Disease Outcomes, “When used by clinicians, RPM can provide a more holistic view of a patient’s health over time, increase visibility into a patient’s adherence to a treatment, and enable timely intervention before a costly care episode.”

Insurance coverage of RPM varies between payers and policies. Coze Health has partnered with HealthSnap to work through all of the details in getting you started, and maintaining, your remote patient monitoring.

STEP 1: You will meet with your physician (eligible for insurance coverage) to discuss how RPM can benefit your current health and treatment plan.

STEP 2: We will enroll you on the RPM platform and either provide your complimentary device or order one that will be delivered to your home.

STEP 3: You follow the prescription provided by the physician. You should actively take your physiological readings daily. Your provider may request other monitoring intervals.

STEP 4: Use the convenient HealthSnap app to track your progress and engage with your health.

If you are currently not enrolled, and would like to get started, please call to set up your RPM appointment.

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