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This clinic specializes in lifestyle medicine with an emphasis on whole food, plant-based nutritional support. We have a Coze Health® Care team that includes a physician, health coach, public health specialist, and nurse. 

Your physician will meet with you and evaluate you for eligibility in the chronic disease preventive, chronic disease management, or lifestyle pathway. The Coze Health® Care team will work under the direction of your physician where you will work with a certified Lifestyle Medicine coach as you work toward your health goals. Community program participants do not need to be a patient at Coze Health Medical.

Health coach. Physician directed weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly 50 minute appointment from certified Lifestyle Medicine health coach to help with chronic disease prevention or chronic disease management. This program includes once weekly visit for one month, twice monthly for two months, and once a month for three months. After six months, your goals are assessed by the physician. Services covered as preventive health services by many plans or chronic disease management by Medicare B or Medicare Advantage.  

Visioning. This annual appointment with the health coach is recommended for all patients who do not have Medicare. This one hour appointment will allow you to set SMART goals for the year.

Community.  Not physician-led. Group classes for community members that include education, cooking instruction and support. Not eligible for insurance reimbursement.

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