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Adding New Remote Patient Monitoring

Coze Health Medical LLC has partnered with HealthSnap to offer at home monitoring for patients. HealthSnap has an app for Android or iOS mobile devices and a cloud-based website. The company works with providers like Coze Health Medical LLC to provide Lifestyle Data Analytics to manage and prevent lifestyle-related chronic conditions, and that maximize patient engagement between visits.


After you meet with your physician or dietitian, you will receive a prescription for which physiological measurements that you can collect at home can benefit your progress in your current health goal, such as glucose levels, weight, or blood pressure.

You will have an initial meeting with a HealthSnap Angel (representative) who will help you get the app and equipment set up.

HealthSnap has partnered with many third party equipment to ease the collection of this data at home. For instance, if you have an iOS based mobile device, you can use a Withings scale (not promoting this product, but we know it works) and have the information sent directly to Health Snap. But not everyone has this type of connected technology! So you can manually enter the data too. For instance, if you have a manual blood pressure cuff, you can easily enter your blood pressure into the app using the Collection Hub.

We hope this new partnership will help you begin to thrive as you work toward your health goals.


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