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February is Heart Health Month

It’s here! One of my favorite months of the year! Yes! February! I like it for several reasons. One, it’s a short month and once we’re through it, I feel like we can see Spring start to peak through in March. I also love it because it has Valentine’s Day! Silly? Perhaps! There are many critics of this “Hallmark Holiday” but I am sucker for any day that reminds us to love and if we do that-- just LOVE, we are contributing to our wellness and the wellness of those around us.

Every February we are reminded to care for our hearts. There are images of the “Red Dress” to bring awareness that heart disease is often forgotten as a major contributor to death in women in America. When we think about heart health, the first thing that often comes to mind is our physical hearts. Caring for them through diet, movement and stress management. That’s is all necessary, but what if we change our approach and begin our heart care with compassion. Self-compassion.

This year as you may be diving into better health or maybe you are just beginning- a gentle reminder to start with self-compassion. Self-compassion is NOT selfish, it’s actually generous. When you take care of YOU and your heart, your health, then you can show up for others, you can be there for the ones that need you.

I often counsel my clients to check in with their self-talk. Are you talking to yourself as you would talk to your friend? Try it. It’s a shift in thinking from what you are doing wrong, to what you are doing to help yourself- nourish yourself- bring yourself to wellness. Imagine if every toddler was scolded when they fell while they were learning to walk. So it goes with us, we will stumble, we will fall down. But like a loving parent, encourage yourself to get up and keep trying.

2021 is about simplicity, love, kindness, and healing so let’s do one very important tip.

Please treat yourself today, and tomorrow, as you would treat a friend or a small child learning to walk. Simple. That’s it. But, you have to do it. Don’t worry, even knowing this golden rule, like me, you will break it countless times (today).

But, if you recognize it and peel back even once today, that’s a huge win.

You’re well on your way.

You got this.

Health and Wellness Coach, Cheryl is accepting appointments now. Call the office to set up an initial appointment with her. Health coaching is an integral part of Coze Health Medical and can help you with your health and wellness journey.


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