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HealthSnap Tool

Welcome to spring and to Coze Health's new tool - HealthSnap. We will be offering access to this app to help our patients who wish to see their goals turn into checkmarks. Anyone can use the app for free, but for those who are seeking more interaction from our healthcare team, we are offering subscription plans. Patients who qualify for remote patient monitoring already use this tool and use devices for medically necessary monitoring. These tips benefit the casual user, the paid subscription user, or the remote monitoring patient!

We love this app as it aligns with so many of the lifestyle medicine core principles. This app connects to most personal devices (e.g., blue tooth weight scales and thermometers, iPhone and Android phones and watches, Fitbit, and cellular blood pressure cuffs). We were seeking a tool that was easy to use, easy to enter data in manually, and could provide detailed information that could assist your healthcare provider (depending on how much interaction you want).

Your lifestyle profile is the first screen you see -- and it shows an overall health score that is comprised of metabolic, cardio, and nutrition scores. Honestly, the first thing I wanted to do was see my individual scores improve! The easy to read green, yellow, red scale is an instant trigger for what can be focused on for the week. First up -- improve my nutrition score. The first step is knowing what you are eating! By clicking the "+" button on Lifestyle Profile, you can open the collection hub(or setup your automated connections) and scroll to the food recall tile. This easy to use interface allows for monitoring your daily diet using sliders in food groups.

Enjoy your food tracking!


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