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Healthy Aging Awareness Month

We all remember those childhood stories of a great relative sitting on a porch who was confused or couldn't remember your name. We thought this is inevitable part of growing older. But, today's researchers have a different story to tell. Genes play a part, but so do your daily actions. In a recent Journal of American Medical Association article, researchers found that lifestyle behaviors may prevent up to 40% of all dementia cases. What can you do to keep a healthy brain as you age? Limit alcohol consumption, enjoy fresh air on a daily walk, maintain a healthy weight, enjoy regular sleep, avoid tobacco, protect your hearing, and if you have high blood pressure or diabetes, work with a lifestyle medicine physician to create a plan for reversal of those conditions. Some other actions include maintaining a social connections, like spending time with your family or friends, and keep your mind active! This is a great time in your life to start a hobby, do some crossword puzzles, or read a great book.


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