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Shared Medical Appointments

We are offering a select group of shared medical appointments that focus on different topics. These appointments offer patients direct care on their current medical issues and concerns that are discussed in a shared setting with patients who have similar issues. This approach builds and fosters peer relationships and support for improved health.

DIABETES UNDONE (eight-week session)

Focus on the root causes of diabetes and how to reverse or prevent this chronic illness.

MOOD SUPPORT (eight-week session)

Focus on approaches to improve mood and mental health using lifestyle methods.

MIND BODY MEDICINE (twice monthly)

Focus on improving health through use of mindfulness in your approach to daily tasks and living.

CULINARY MEDICINE (eight-week session)

This hands-on approach to finding health through nutrition offers inspiring tips on utilizing culinary techniques in your personal daily habits to improve your chronic illness or prevent disease.

If you are interested in one of these topics, contact our office at 765-204-1122 to get added to the next shared medical group session.


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