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Telemedicine / Telehealth Services

We provide a variety of services using the EHR portal for communication with patients in between appointments, and using a HIPAA-compliant video and audio video conferencing system to conduct a health appointment using a web browser or compatible cell phone.

There can be limits on these services. Please see the list below (the list changes frequently as the policies at insurance companies change every quarter). This is not a legal statement of your coverage or claims benefits.


Patients with a UMR plan (through the UnitedHealthcare network) will not be able to receive telemedicine services from Coze Health Medical LLC due to their new policies.

Anthem / Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal

Patients with a federal Anthem / BCBS plan will not be able to receive preventive care using telemedicine.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina

Patients with BCBS of South Carolina will not be able to receive any telemedicine or telehealth services from Coze Health Medical LLC until we complete a mandatory certification (in progress).


Did you know that when you send a message to the doctor on the portal about a new issue, that this could be a billable charge? Online videos, online pictures, or questions sent to your doctor using the EHR will be billed if the question is new, if it is about a lab result that has a result that needs to be discussed, or if you take a picture of a bug bite or other condition that you would like to get professional recommendation. If you are asked to schedule an appointment regarding this issue (and it is scheduled within 2-7 days), then you are not charged for a telehealth service.

As always, if you have any questions about your insurance or billing, please reach out to us. We do our best to help you navigate this complex insurance world.


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