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Welcome 2021!

We are excited about what the new year will bring each of you. We think of this time of year as a great time to explore behavioral changes, a time to practice new stress reduction techniques, and to create new healthy eating habits.

We are moving in 2021 with some exciting news:

  1. We have a new electronic health record system. Patients with previous portal access were invited to the new system but you can create an account directly at The providers will NOT BE checking messages on Patient Fusion.

  2. We have expanded our in-house lab services. Some patients, those with limited coverage plans and fair market plans, will receive a substantial reduction by paying for labs at the time of service (we have published our cost with the fair market value).

  3. We are offering free lifestyle monitoring for all of our health coach and dietitian patients for three months. Monitoring is available for any patient at $10/mos subscription. This app is designed for lifestyle medicine and calculates an overall health score based on metabolic, cardio, and nutrition activity (the more active you are, the better your score). The built-in messaging connects you with your health coach or dietitian. The app connects with your cell phone, fitness bands or watches, and most bluetooth devices. The app tracks daily patterns, energy expenditure, and vitals.

  4. We have updated our financial policy to assist in the transparency of your healthcare costs with a pricing sheet available on the website. We will charge your HSA, FSA, or credit card upon receipt of your explanation of benefits unless you instruct us otherwise. Due to the nature of our single-appointment concierge style schedule (this keeps you from waiting for long periods of time to see your provider), we will continue to charge a $75 cancellation fee for any canceled appointments within 48 hours.


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